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Subtitle The Legend Is Born: Ip Man [TOP]

Sin Kwok-lam (Ip Man's son's student and producer) apologized and served tea to Yuen Jo Tong for misrepresenting his grandfather Yuen Kay Shan's reputation and status in Wing Chun history. (In the movie, Yuen Kay Shan was portrayed as Ip Man's younger kung fu brother, not as skillful as Ip Man). This had the Yuen and Yiu families criticize the movie in interviews. After the Yuen and Yiu families voiced their displeasure about Yuen Kay Shan's portrayal in the movie on Ip Man, movie producer Si Kwok Lam and co-producer Ip Chun apologized six times and "served tea" to Yuen Kay San's grandson, Yuen Jo Tong, for misrepresenting, and being disrespectful to, the legendary 1000 death duel champion during the 1920-1950s, Yuen Kay Shan.[3][4]

subtitle The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

The Legend is Born: Ip Man is a 2010 Hong Kong semi-biographical martial arts film about the early life of Ip Man (also spelled as Yip Man) and his journey to becoming a Wing Chun master whilst resisting the influence of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, aims to dominate China and secure its vast raw resources. Ip is probably most famous in the West as the teacher of legendary martial arts actor Bruce Lee.

IP Man is a popular Hong Kong-based film series about martial arts. It portrays the life of Master Wing Chun and the creation of his famous fighting style technique of the same name. He is prominent for being the former master of the legendary Bruce Lee.

I have an .avi and an .srt for a Mandarin movie. I used HandBrakeCLI to generate a M4V file that I could import into iTunes. In iTunes there is an option to turn the subtitles on and off, which works beautifully.

But when I move over to my AppleTV and select the movie from my computer's library, the subtitles do not show when played. I don't see any option in the AppleTV UI to turn subtitles on/off during movie playback.

I'm not sure whether you have a problem with the subtitle track for that specific rip you made however, generally, using the AppleTV 2nd Gen, when the movie is playing, you can hold down the 'Select' button on the remote for a few seconds and it will show you a menu where you can choose whether to display any subtitles for this movie and also which audio track to use (useful if you have two language tracks or have also ripped the commentary track to your file). 041b061a72


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