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Where To Buy Cuvee Coffee UPD

Founded in 1998, Cuvée Coffee had a humble beginning as an exploratory hobby in a Dallas warehouse. Mentored by his uncle, owner Mike McKim found enjoyment in the roasting process and quickly realized that his product was in great demand. Soon, Cuvée Coffee was being credited as the pioneer of specialty coffee in Texas. Today, Cuvée Coffee is a craft coffee company located in Austin, Texas that strives for innovation in its coffee roastery, cold coffee brewery, training facility and retail location.

where to buy cuvee coffee


Building our roasting and cold brew facilities in Spicewood was an amazing decision. We're super-close to downtown Austin, where a lot of our customers and team members live, but far enough outside the city to have a coffee ranch with room to build a bonfire, BBQ some brisket, or drink beers surrounded by the rolling hills.

Back in 1998, when Carl Staub introduced me to roasting, his advice was to pay more money for specialty green coffee, so I did, too. That was my intro to the product. Soon after, the term grew into a community of people passionate about changing the perception of coffee. So specialty coffee, the product and industry, were instrumental in shaping Cuvee into the high-quality, consumer-friendly company we are today.

When Mike McKim lost his telecommunications job in the early 2000s, he said he wanted to find a craft, not just a job. After visiting his coffee roasting uncle, he bought a roaster, and his imagination started brewing.

Years before opening his café, McKim sold espresso machines and roasted coffee in a warehouse on weekends after discovering his passion. Cuvée slowly started appearing in independent shops and on shelves at H-E-B.

It's morning in Paris. A gentle summer's sunbeam cuts through la cite de la lumiere, waking you from a fading sleep. The sounds of a bustling metropolis waft through the open window, carried by a warm breeze. There, on the table by the Juliet balcony, is an overflowing plate of fine cheese and breakfast pastries, paired with a mug of steaming coffee. It's morning in Paris, and it's good to be alive. Oh no? What's that? The hateful marimba of your iPhone cuts through it all -- you wake up for real, this time in Austin Texas. Summer has started and it's hot, the world is in chaos, down is up and up is down -- but at least you can still have the cheese and coffee!

Antonelli's Cheese Shop is partnering again with Cuvee Coffee for a Cheese and Coffee Brunch experience. This class will feature 7 cheeses, 4 coffee beverage pairings, and breakfast accompaniments provided by Easy Tiger. This tasting experience will be taking place at the Cuvee Coffee Bar: 2000 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702.

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cuvée Coffee, a nationally recognized specialty coffee roaster, is pleased to announce its expansion into over 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide. Starting November 8th, customers will have the opportunity to shop Cuvée Coffee's single serve filter bags produced by its partner manufacturer, NuZee, Inc., a leading co-packing company for single serve coffee formats.

"NuZee is thrilled to see our partner roasters, Cuvée Coffee, expand their customer reach with the single serve filter bags at select Walmart locations nationwide,'' said Travis Gorney, Chief Innovation Officer at NuZee. "This partnership is offering a new way for coffee-lovers to easily access this high quality and convenient format, that is ideal for those on the go to enjoy life's adventures."

Known as an innovative and pioneering coffee brand, Cuvée has made these convenient and elevated filter bags that can be used on the go without the need for brewing equipment. Each single serve filter bag holds 14.2 grams of Cuvée's freshly ground, medium roast house blend called Solo. Similar to a tea bag, the coffee can be brewed with hot water for 4-6 minutes or cold water for 12-24 hours. The filter bag is nitro-sealed to ensure freshness.

"The filter bags are a testament to how important convenience and quality are to us at Cuvée. I love how easy it is to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on the move without any extra brewing or grinding equipment. I always throw them in my bag when I'm camping, hiking, or traveling because they're lightweight and hardly take up any room. The only thing you need is some hot or cold water and you've got yourself a great cup of coffee. I'm incredibly excited about our partnership with NuZee and the opportunity to be on Walmart shelves around the country so more people can experience the convenience of these filter bags."

About NuZee CoffeeNuZee, Inc., (NASDAQ: NUZE), is a leading co-packing company for single serve coffee formats that partners with companies of all sizes to help them develop within the single serve and private label coffee category. Providing innovative and eco-conscious solutions with the flexibility and capacity for both small roasters and large global brands, NuZee is revolutionizing the way single serve coffee is enjoyed in the United States. Through the brand's unique process, NuZee fulfills every aspect of co-packing needs, from roasting and blending, to packing and packaging.

In the world of coffee, Cuvee signifies a very special blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans. Our Cuvee coffees feature blends gourmet coffee beans with highly sought after coffee beans such as Kona coffee beans or Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans.

Coffee drinkers may already appreciate the subtle and rich flavors of Cuvée Black & Blue, the cold coffee drink that is served nitrogenated and straight from the keg. These tempting taps can be found all around Austin and the Lake Travis area. And Cuvée now offers nitrogenated cans for take-home caffeine concoctions worth trying. They make some clean and mean coffee, too, as their East Sixth St. coffee shop can boast.

The whole operation, from roasting to packaging takes place in our own backyard in Lake Travis. Their facility out in Spicewood is where all of the magic happens, and where I got to take a peek into their whole process firsthand.

Mike McKim, founder and CEO of Cuvée Coffee caught up with me before a whirlwind trip to El Salvador, one of many frequent trips he makes on his journey to source coffee beans. His passion for roasting, which started humbly in his own garage in Dallas as a part-time hobby has now landed him square in the drivers seat as one of the tastiest coffee roasters in Austin.

They ship out dozens of orders a week to retail joints all over Austin, Houston, Dallas and the surrounding areas. The guys are gearing to ramp up production in the next few months in order to keep up with a steadily growing demand from coffee drinkers all over the state. It will be interesting to see and taste just what these aficionados come up with next.

In the meantime keep an eye out for their mainstay Black & Blue nitrogenated coffee to make an appearance on store shelves this year in cans, which can be found at most Whole Foods, including Whole Foods Market Gateway.

Mandy Spivey has been exploring the hidden treasures of Austin since 2007 when she uprooted from her home base in Dallas to pursue a degree in advertising at the University of Texas. Needless to say, she never wanted to leave. This classy lady enjoys a quiet afternoon spent crafting, loves traversing the Texas Hill Country and West Texas, likes teaching her crazy Weimaraner new tricks, and tries to have a nice latte everyday. She studies leather making on the side, proving she is indeed a true Texan. Her website is where she merges her myriad of loves into one place.

The Galata Kulesi Cuvee is light-medium roasted to provide a full, rich body with a medium brightness and high acidity. With subtle, fruity and floral flavors, this superior coffee offers a twist on our selection of earthy coffees.

This is an excellent coffee, and I love the fact tht I can get it online. Grocery stores more and more are reducing the shelf space dedicated to whole bean coffee, let alone the variety available through coffee AM.

Is this an advertisement? Is this a digital manuscript that begs the reader to ask themselves a question while seamlessly suggesting that they try this product? Is this a paid-for review by Cuvée Coffee to CYTIES asking them (us) to throw them a shout out? Is this really some of the best coffee in East Austin? All of Austin? Texas? North America? The Solar System?

Cuvée Coffee was created by owner Mike McKim. McKim founded Cuvée in 1998, and after years of spreading his beans around Texas to other coffee shops and restaurants, decided he was ready to give his brand a place to call home. Located on 6th Street in East Austin, Cuvée is Texas-industrial: garage-door walls, wooden fixtures, and a strikingly handsome modbar. believes in upholding the highest standard of customer service. If you have a question about any of our coffees or other products, we are here to answer questions, respond to comments or concerns, and listen to your valued suggestions. You can contact us by phone 678. 807. 0870 or by e-mail at

BevNET cited Cuvée as "the first cold brew brand to market a nitrogenated offering," adding "it's really the first time in 'third-wave coffee' where a shelf-stable format is truly a straight replica of something you'd buy in the shop." Cuvée's Black & Blue is packaged in innovative 375mL cans from Ball that include a nitrogen widget in the can that creates a soft, frothy head upon pouring. Black & Blue is currently available at hundreds of retailers across Texas and was recently released at all Whole Foods locations in the Northeast region.

"Today's consumers, particularly millennials, view cans as a convenient, portable and sustainable package that can go anywhere they go while protecting the beverage inside from oxygen and light," says Bruce Doelling, vice president, sales, for Ball's North American metal beverage packaging business. "Cans also offer a 360-degree billboard for brand messaging and high quality graphics, making cans a fun package in any setting. Cuvée Coffee is taking advantage of those benefits to deliver a unique experience to people who love coffee." 041b061a72


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