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Handsfree is an adjective describing equipment that can be used without the use of hands (for example via voice commands) or, in a wider sense, equipment which needs only limited use of hands, or for which the controls are positioned so that the hands are able to occupy themselves with another task (such as driving) without needing to hunt far afield for the controls.[1][2][3]

hands free

Devices that are typically used for handsfree communication use Bluetooth as its wireless technology. They still require a smartphone or other device to initiate a call. These devices include Bluetooth headsets, hands-free car kits (HFCK), and personal navigation devices (PND). Originally introduced as optional features connected by a wire to smartphones or other communication devices, they now generally are available with wireless technology.

Bluetooth handsfree options are now also easily found in any high end automotive as part of the vehicle's stereo system, or in after market stereo system units. This option utilizes the vehicle's speakers to transmit the caller's voice in the phone call and have an embedded microphone in the stereo unit itself, the steering wheel, or use a separate wired microphone that can be placed anywhere in the vehicle.[4]

Handsfree mobile phones are obligatory in many countries for use of a mobile phone while driving. However, studies have shown that even with a hands-free unit, the added distraction to the driver, and the increase in crash rates, are almost as substantial as when driving and talking on a normal mobile phone.[5]

In the United Kingdom, as of 2003, it is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone while driving.[6] Similar laws have been adopted in many jurisdictions worldwide, and many make provisions for hands-free phone use.

Since handsfree devices replace a phone's own speaker and microphone capability in a phone call, they now also must deal with the same issues that standard mobile phones and land phones deal with. The main acoustic issues are echo cancellation and noise suppression, although there are others as well. There have been many ways developed to cancel echo in phone calls and results range from poor to excellent.

These acoustic technologies must also remove or reduce the noise levels so that the caller is well understood. A person making a call from a handsfree device who is in a busy restaurant or while driving will introduce large levels of noise into the call. This situation is complicated as the software must not only remove the noise around him, but must transmit his voice clearly and loudly to whoever is connected to him.

The best software solutions combine both echo cancellation and noise cancellation into a single technology so that the caller has the freedom to use a handsfree device anywhere they please. Having an acoustic solution with only one feature will dramatically reduce its flexibility.

Why is this law needed in Georgia?Our state has seen significant increases in vehicle traffic crashes, fatalities and bodily injury. The vast majority of these increases have been in rear-end crashes, single-car crashes and crashes by drivers from 15 to 25-years-old. State and local law enforcement have stated that these incidents are a clear indication of driver inattention. The 15 states that have passed hands-free driving laws saw a 16 percent decrease in traffic fatalities in the two years after the law was passed. In addition, traffic fatalities were reduced even further in subsequent years.

Over time, GM expects that customers will be able to travel truly hands-free with Ultra Cruise across nearly every paved public road in the U.S. and Canada, including city streets, subdivision streets and rural roads, in addition to highways. Vehicles equipped with Ultra Cruise hardware will experience incremental enhancements through over-the-air software updates. GM is focused on expanding ADAS accessibility with the combination of currently available Super Cruise4 driver assistance technology and soon, Ultra Cruise, bringing these technologies to more customers on more vehicles, in more regions at more price points.

I love them! I had some severe knee and foot pain and now I am free of pain! I can go up and down the stairs without going down one stair at a time! I would highly recommend the Orthofeet products!"

OnStar Hands-Free Calling was discontinued starting February 2022. In its place, Members can use Bluetooth pairing to make phone calls while keeping their hands on the wheel. You may experience interruptions in service as Hands-Free Calling services are sunset, including the inability to make international calls between the U.S. and Canada. See below for answers to any additional questions you may have.

Love, love, love this leash. It is a must have if you're trying to potty train a new puppy. I just attach my goldendoodle to me and he sits by my feet when I'm working. Even when I was watching him before, he'd somehow manage to wander away when I wasn't looking. Now that never happens so we're almost done with potty training. It's also so easy to walk my older dog with the puppy when I'm using this hands free leash. You can attach two leashes.

In public buildings, pedestrians frequently touch door pulls, levers and exit devices. To promote a healthy environment, Ives offers hands-free pulls in a variety of styles and designs that enable pedestrians to operate the door with an arm, elbow or wrist to avoid contacting surfaces with their hands. Ives hands-free pulls provide application coverage for wood and metal doors. Designed for durability they feature rust-free brass or stainless-steel construction.

Introducing Ives patented, reversible hands-free arm pulls designed with durability, safety, and comfortability in mind. Choose from two models with various options and finishes to meet the needs for your application. These pulls are ideal for retrofitting restrooms, entrances, and cooridors by fitting the standard pull lengths as well as mounting plate available. These pulls also meet ADA compliance requirements.

Hands-free barcode reading solutions enable operators to scan packages without picking up and putting down a handheld reader. Made up of DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers, these solutions enable workers to process more packages per day due to ease of use, high read rates, and ergonomic safety.

Hands-free barcode reading gives operators the freedom to read barcodes on packages more quickly, without the extra time required to use a handheld scanner. This allows them to be more productive and process more parcels per day. Customers have decreased manual package processing times by 60% with hands-free scanning.

Operators can scan packages in one fluid motion by aiming in the correct position to capture the barcode. Hands-free scanning is a safer, more ergonomic method that reduces the repetitive motion that can result in workplace injuries . Companies have seen associate safety risks decrease nearly 50% with the hands-free method.

Hands-free barcode readers can be mounted and placed overhead in any area of your facility. Once installed, they are easy to maintain and avoid wear and tear since they are not being repeatedly handled.

If there's a must-have pumping bra for every Mom , this is it. Designed to fit securely over your nursing bra, freeing up your hands while pumping. The removable straps and adjustable velcro panel ensures that this bra will always fit your changing body. One hands-free pumping bra for your entire breastfeeding and pumping journey. With over 7k five star reviews, this bra is almost too good to be true!

Plus, you no longer need to have one hand on the wheel and one hand holding your phone with in-car navigation. With the display set into the dashboard, you can keep two hands on the wheel and focus more on the road and enjoy the view.

Consider high-tech navigation systems from Toyota. These navigation systems come with features that keep you connected while on the go. For instance, when it comes to hands-free calling, you have options. If you want to make a hands-free call, you just need to say the contact name or number that you want to call.

(c) "Voice-activated or hands-free mode" means an attachment, accessory, wirelessly paired or tethered capability, application, wireless connection, or built-in feature of a wireless communications device or a motor vehicle that allows the person to use verbal or single touch commands to:

(3) to listen to audio-based content in a manner that does not require the driver to scroll or type while the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic, provided that the person does not hold the device with one or both hands;

As outlined in the interaction model overview, once you've identified your users and their goals, ask yourself what environmental or situational challenges they might face as they work to accomplish their tasks.For example, many users need to use their hands to accomplish their real-world goals, and they'll have difficulty interacting with a hands-and-controllers based interface.

Using your voice to command and control an interface offers a convenient way to operate hands-free and to use shortcuts to skip multiple steps if you want.With voice input, the user can read any button's name out loud to activate it ("see it, say it") and converse with a digital agent who can accomplish tasks for you.

In some hands-free situations, using your voice isn't ideal or even possible.Loud factory environments, privacy, or social norms can all be constraints.The gaze + dwell model allows the user to navigate an app without any extra input aside from their eye or head gaze:The user simply keeps gazing (with their head or eyes) at the target and lingers there for a moment to activate it.To learn more about the individual design considerations for gaze + dwell, check out eye-gaze + dwell and head-gaze + dwell.

For these scenarios, freeing your hands from interacting with holograms for commanding and navigation can range from being an absolute requirement to operating the application, end-to-end, to an added convenience that the user can transition in and out of at any time. 041b061a72


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